Felicity Veliz

Felicity is the President/CEO of VDM. She joined the business January 2022. Her favorite part about the business is the culture and team driven environment everyone has on the team. She plans to expand the business all over the Nation, create non-profits all over the world, and provide the best future for her family with her career.

Sammy Williamson

Sammy is originally from Plano, Texas and started her career with us in October 2019 at the Dallas location. Prior to her employment with the company she attended the University of Mississippi and achieve a bachelors degree in Human Resource Management. After college she moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to teach English and travel throughout South East Asia. Once she moved back Sammy found growth in our company and currently oversees all HR and administrative departments from the company headquarters.

Emileigh Pulliam

Emileigh Started the business in July 2022. Her favorite part of VDM are the culture and the opportunity. As someone who came from a grocery store where everyone hated their job, being in a company where everyone is positive and encouraging was such an incredible change of pace. Everyone genuinely wants to help each other succeed and I am so happy to say that I have made this company my family.

Aidan Difederico

Aidan Difederico is from New Jersey. He is 22 years old started acting in Los Angeles his whole life and then fell into Talent Management. He’s grown a passion for empowering people and plans to open his own office in Florida by the end of the year.

Vidhi Patel

Vidhi joined the business July 2022 and is the HR recruiter for VDM. Vidhi is a strong contributor and wants to be a big supporter for her team! Her goal is to be able to attain as much knowledge as she can and soon fulfill her dreams and goals with the knowledge she has to be successful.

Roberto Gonzalez Jr.

Roberto joined the business in November 2022 and got promoted to Campaign Manager in 3 Weeks. Roberto is a self driven team player who strives to get the most knowledge to share with others in need. His goal is to help families in need of college and athletic funding to help kids fulfill their dreams.

Jacqueline Muñoz

Jacqueline Muñoz is a first generation college graduate from Los Angeles, California. She’s a campaign manager who started in Dallas in November 2022. Within these next few months she plans to grow a team of leaders who thrive off of integrity, hard work, and dedication. In the future she plans to return back to Los Angeles and provide a variety of resources for her community in Boyle Heights to help kids and adolescents develop a plan for their future and their passion.

Rachel Falter

Rachel’s Biggest Learning experience is enjoying the process to management. Obstacles come and go, and when learning how to go through it without effecting your success is an art that she is still learning. Fortunately, she have amazing up-lines cheering her on & supporting her all the way throughout. Excited to enjoy each day in gratitude & continue to focus on the journey, on who she am becoming.

Velocity Development Marketing offers a diverse array of career opportunities, encompassing roles like Account Manager, Entry-Level Sales positions and more across New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, Riverview, and the surrounding areas.